Our Initiative

Wadhwani Entrepreneur

Inspires, educates, supports early-stage entrepreneurs

Wadhwani NEN

Wadhwani NEN (WNEN) empowers millions of global students with entrepreneurial mindsets & skills by providing them high quality experiential entrepreneurial education, thus,

  • Enhancing their job prospects
  • Encouraging intrapreneurship
  • Driving long-term entrepreneurship
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Wadhwani Inspire

Wadhwani Inspire (WI) aims to evangelize entrepreneurship by

  • Creating a national culture of entrepreneurship
  • Inspiring the best and the brightest to consider entrepreneurship as a first/alternate career choice

Wadhwani Entrepreneur Network

  • Incubators
  • Accelerators
  • Mentors
  • Colleges
  • Faculty
  • TV Network / Streaming Media
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Wadhwani Knowledge & Technology Platform

  • AI-enabled technology platform
  • Powering Wadhwani digital products through a microservices based architecture
  • A key enabler for scaling the Wadhwani Initiatives through mobile and web products focused on user experience and personalization
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Wadhwani Global University

Wadhwani Global University (WGU) is creating a superior learning environment for students by developing an engaged faculty through:

  • Clarity of concepts
  • Contextual linkages between classroom and real-life situations
  • Exposure to student-focused learning content
  • Proficiency on LearnWISETM, our proprietary cloud-based platform for learning-delivery
  • Processes for better learning experience viz. assessments, assignments etc
  • Proficiency on experiential pedagogy in a blended learning environment
Wadhwani Opportunity

Wadhwani Catalyst Fund

Wadhwani Catalyst Fund aims to catalyze growth in emerging economies through a premier emerging market-focused impact fund aimed at scaling job creation by providing catalytic capital along with Wadhwani thought leadership, project management, technology/content and other resources to:

  1. Qualified non-profits that are led by strong leaders with a clear vision and execution capability that are engaged in job creation to scale up their outcomes of jobs by 5-10x
  2. For-profit companies with a business model in which revenue growth drives exponential job growth and who can leverage our investment with 5x to 10x investment from others to drive growth of large-scale new jobs
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Wadhwani Catalyst
Prof. Stanley Waudo,The Vice Chancellor - Mount Kenya University

WF NEN program is being offered to all students as a free package to enhance their abilities and to become self-reliant at the close of their campus life.

Prof. Peter Wanderi,The MKU NEN Program Patron

I compliment WF for bringing the entrepreneurship program to MKU. This will enhance ability of students to fit into the market and enable them become their own bosses, thus creating jobs for future generations

Kahaso Mtana,Senior Consultant at Valley Business School

This WF NEN program is very relevant and timely for the African continent –unlocking minds of the African youth and critical towards mass job creation

Lucy Kibe,Team Leader, MKU Nairobi Campus

I am impressed by the marked improvement in the students’ attitude due to the WF NEN entrepreneurship course and I am looking forward to rolling out the program across the entire campus in the coming semester.

StudentMKU Nairobi Campus

Our confidence has grown among the peers and we look forward to becoming true entrepreneurs and business owners through this wonderful WF NEN program.

John Kamau,The CEO MKU Street Smarter E Cell

The WF NEN program has drawn students from across disciplines and moulded them into one team. Students are benefiting daily from entrepreneurship-led skills, never-before seen in the university. E Cell registration has grown as more students are keen to share ideas on business.