Wadhwani Liftoff

Wadhwani Liftoff

WE Liftoff enables thousands of early-stage startups to improve their business strategy, organization and performance to be successful and get seed capital. Liftoff helps startups to:

  • Strengthen business and financial sustainability
  • Design processes for customer acquisition, growth and scale
  • Build networks
  • Build a balanced team
  • Strengthen brand visibility and GTM strategy
  • Create a product roadmap
  • Compute the venture’s valuation and develop a funding plan
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Who is eligible for Wadhwani Liftoff?

  • Early-stage startups fulfilling the below criteria can apply for the Liftoff program:
    • Having a customer validated idea
    • Having a sizeable Total Addressable Market (TAM)
    • Having a sustainable business model
    • Should be a registered entity
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Details About the Program

Wadhwani Liftoff Benefits

Liftoff provides 360° support to the stratups and an inclusive experience covering different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, to increase their chances of funding success.

  • 1×1 with our Program Manager
  • Digital content & Solution Kits
  • Live online workshops, masterclasses, video & presentation-led case studies
  • Access to domain experts & business mentors on a Global Entrepreneur Platform
  • Business Model evaluation, financial planning & startup selection tools and templates
  • Live Pitching Sessions
  • Connects with funding agencies and investors
  • Expert helpdesk for online advice
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