MENA COVID-19 Situation:

Due to the current pandemic, universities have been operating online through different platforms to ensure that the content still reaches the students. While the situation is changing, Wadhwani Foundation reaffirms its commitment to the Private and Educational Sector of emerging economies to reduce the social and economic impact and thus continue to improve the lives of its beneficiaries.

In order to ensure quality in our courses that are offered to various universities, we have different methods through which students can utilize in order to enhance their learning experience. We offer Open Hours for our Entrepreneurship Courses where students are mentored by WF experts and and their questions are entertained. This is offered at a given time and is executed on an online platform.

We will also be offering an Open Pitch Day where students are given a chance to present their Practice Venture and get first hand feedback from mentors. This is a great opportunity for student to make the most out of their learning experience.